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Printing Terms



Full colour printing using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black (K) inks.

Pantone Spot Colours

Individually mixed colours to a pantone colour mixing chart, generally more vibrant than its CMYK rendition.



Paper produced under Forestry Stewardship Council Guidelines.



Portable document file, artwork is normally supplied to us in this format, it enables the artwork creator to encapsulate all pictures & fonts within the file. However colours need to be specified as CMYK, Pantones or CMYK plus additional pantones, bleed & crop marks also need to be included at the output of the pdf.



Images need to be of a resolution of 300 Dpi anything less could lead to a pixelated image, 72 dpi is fine for a computer screen but is not of a resolution required for printing.


Paper Types


Art paper

Paper or board that has a fine coating of china clay applied to give a smooth printing surface, these can be a gloss or silk finish.


Uncoated Paper

Paper that has no china clay coating and ranges from copier paper to high quality cartridge drawing paper.


NCR (no carbon required)

Also known as carbonless used for multipart sets where copies are required of what is written on the top sheet.



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